They do Grow Up So Fast!

19 Jun

Earlier this week, I sat in the Orange Hunt Elementary School Cafeteria for what I presume will be the last time and watched my little girl walk up on stage to be congratulated for completing her elementary education.

I was struck by the fact that my daughter, the one who began Kindergarten in this very place, was leaving it as a young lady. She is filled with imagination, talent, and beauty. She is no longer that little child who seemed to be dwarfed by all those incredibly large 6th graders just a few years ago. There she was, standing tall and proud. When they called her name, I watched her cross the stage with poise and confidence.

As I sat there, I thought to myself how pleased I was to be able to use words like imaginative, talented, confident, proud, and poised to describe one of my children.

I have always loved being a father. From the first day our first child came home, they have inspired me to new heights. Today, my three children are becoming three fine young adults, each with their own peculiarities, talents, and gifts. They are all developing their own personalities and characteristics.

But they would not be the great kids they are without the strong and constant presence of a dedicated and loving mother. I am truly blessed to have a strong, loving, caring, and confident woman in my daughter’s life.

There is a direct correlation between that incredible woman and the confident, poised young lady I saw walk across the Orange Hunt stage this week.

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