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The Craziest Rollercoaster ever built…

Each and everyone of us have ups and downs in life, that’s part of being human and it’s something we can’t change. We all know too well the emotional rollercoaster we ride when life throws us a single unexpected curve ball, and it’s even worse when we get hit with a series of them.

Sometimes the only way to get through those more challenging times is to just hang on and know that the ride will soon get back to the starting point and allow us a breather. Yet, with all its turns and ups and downs, and as bad as it seems to feel down and unhappy, it’s important to remember that without these dips and twists of life itself, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the highs in life, or indeed have the motivation to reach for these highs in the first place.

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to look at all the things that are missing in your life. It is our main way of thinking. To help get through the bad times, one strategy that works for me is to change my way of thinking from “what am I missing in my life?” to “what am I blessed with.”

As simplistic as that sounds, it works. Changing your perspective is sometimes all we need to ride the rollercoaster we call life.

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