The Other Side of the World

25 May

Twenty hours is a ridiculously long time to be on a plane. But, I guess that’s what happens when you travel to the other side of the earth. To a place located south of the equator. It’s now Saturday morning and while we left Washington on Thursday, we are now just 60 minutes from escaping the plane. Don’t get me wrong, the ride was amazingly comfortable, the staff very helpful, and I actually got some shut eye as well. I just feel like I’ve been imprisoned and I have one hour left in my sentence.

Upon landing, it will be 6:30 am here and this is our only free day in Malaysia. I hope to check in, clean up, unpack, and visit the city before our official meetings begin tonight.

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Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Travel


One response to “The Other Side of the World

  1. Larry Deaton

    May 25, 2013 at 1:25 am

    Glad that the flight went okay. Any good movies? Enjoy Malaysia. And stay safe!


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